“What you have created at The Wooden Floor is a safe environment for young people to find themselves, as citizens, as artists, as creative individuals, as people who have the tools to make a contribution to our society and culture."- Carla Maxwell, Artistic Director, Limón Dance Company
Many dance companies and artists have held residencies at The Wooden Floor, hosting master classes and teaching repertory, including:

2018 David Dorfman Dance
2017 Seán Curran Company
2015 Compagnie Käfig
2014 Noa Shiloh
2013 Tony Testa
2012 Steve Paxton
2009 Rae Shao-Lan Blum
2009 Kristen Smiarowski
2009 Keith Johnson
2008 The Limón Dance Company
2008 Stephanie Nugent
2008 Rebecca Pappas
2008 Liz Casebolt and Joel Smith
2008 Ana Alvarez
2007 Donald McKayle
2006 & 2007 Backhausdance
2003 The Limón Dance Company
2000 Streb Ringside
1999 Eliot Feld and Ballet Tech