The Wooden Floor is in the process of developing a 10-year, longitudinal study that will be launched in Spring 2014. CRoC, a leading research and development institution dedicated to understanding human creativity and the conditions that can promote imaginative approaches to learning, design, and problem solving has been commissioned to develop the evaluation tool and implement the first phase of the study. CRoC is a division of the Imagination Group of Los Angeles, and is led by UCLA Professor Emeritus Dr. James S. Catterall. Dr. Catterall’s recent work includes the development of the Next Generation Creativity Survey funded by the Walt Disney Company.


The anticipated outcomes of this 10-year evaluation study are threefold:

  • To develop longitudinal study data to substantiate progress toward The Wooden Floor’s ultimate goal of bringing about generational change to break the cycle of poverty;
  • To provide a rich data set that can be used to help us continually refine, improve upon and, if necessary, change our program methodology; and
  • To provide documentation of TWF’s outcomes to support advocacy of its theory of change through dance and its model of youth services and community building.

Dr. Catterall and CRoC have proposed to design an evaluation tool that can be used to survey the student body of 375 on an annual basis, and measure the following:

  • Achievement Motivation: Efficacy, Malleability, Intrinsic Interest, Cooperation, Engagement
  • Self-Concept: Identity and Autonomy
  • Creativity: Originality and Divergent Thinking
  • Future Outlook: Goals, Purpose and Sense of Possibilities
  • Social Self-Concept and Engagement: Interdependence, Leadership, Pro-Social Involvement, Empathy, Engaging Emotions, Trust in Self/Others, Feeling Safe
  • Dance and The Wooden Floor Affiliations: Dance Skills, Theory of Change, Academic Performance, High School Graduation, and College Acceptance

This evaluation tool will incorporate some traditional ways of scaling development, which is important in order to make connections between our assessment and established work in the field of youth development. Furthermore, it will help The Wooden Floor advance our evidence base to achieve our goal of sector leadership in the areas of arts-for-youth and youth development.