The Wooden Floor is committed to ongoing self-assessment and evaluation and has conducted three independent impact studies since 1993. The results of these studies indicate that students at The Wooden Floor consistently exceed their peers nationally in abilities, behaviors, and attitudes that lead to successful and healthy lives. Such documented effectiveness makes The Wooden Floor a model program and resource for communities searching for positive alternatives for underserved youth.


2014-2024 Longitudinal Study
2003 Study
1998 Study
1993 Study

“At The Wooden Floor I learned to be confident. This really helped me through the interviewing process when I applied for internships during college and when I applied for a job after graduation.  I don’t think I would have been able to go to the school I wanted and be where I am upon graduation without the direction and assistance I received from The Wooden Floor.” – Adrianna Griffith Perez, Civil Engineer, The Wooden Floor Class of ‘99