We have created this statement to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy.  We do not collect personally identifying information about you when you visit our site, unless you choose to provide such information to us. Providing such information is strictly voluntary. This policy is your guide to how we will handle information we learn about you from your visit to our website. 

  • Use of The Wooden Floor Text and Images
    Text or images may be posted on our site with the permission of the original copyright holder. If you would like to publish information that you find on our website, please send your request to
  • Reading or Downloading  
    We collect and store data on your visit through Google Analytics. This is group data, and does not in any way link you to or identify you with information collected about your visit, such as your browser, your operating system, whether your visit is new or a returning visit, the number  and destination of pages visited, time spent on this site, the date and time you access our site,  the city from which the site was accessed, and the internet address of the website from which you accessed a link to our site.  We use the information we collect to measure the number of visitors to the different sections of our site, and to help us make our site more useful to visitors.  More information on Google’s privacy policy can be found here:‐policy.html 

  • Online Forms, Donations, and Store Purchases  
    If you share your personally identifying information by completing a form available on this  website, making a donation or making a purchase, this information will be used only to provide the requested action. We may also use your contact information to send further information about our organization or to contact you when necessary. You may always opt‐out of receiving  future mailings; see the "Opt Out" section below. 

  • Sending us an Email  
    You also may decide to send us personally identifying information, for example, in an electronic  mail message containing a question or comment, or by filling out a web form that provides us  this information. We use personally identifying information from email primarily to respond to  your requests. We may forward your email to other employees who are better able to answer  your questions. We may also use your email to contact you in the future about our programs  that may be of interest. 

  • Sharing Your Information  
    We want to be very clear: We will not obtain personally identifying information about you when  you visit our website, unless you choose to provide such information to us. Providing such  information is strictly voluntary. Except as might be required by law, or the regular course of  business, we do not share any personal information we receive with any outside parties. We  never share email addresses. We do occasionally share mailing addresses with the Arts and Cultural Census, a project designed to help arts based nonprofits learn about and reach arts  patrons. 
If you sign up for our email list, we won't share your name or email address with any outside parties except as might be required by law, or the regular course of business. 
  • Opt‐Out or Change Your Contact Information  
    You have the opportunity to opt‐out of receiving communications from us sending an email at or calling 714.541.8314.  Please specify if you choose to receive only specific communications (such as mail, email, or solicitations) or none at all. You may also update your contact information previously provided to us through this email address. You cannot remove yourself from our database, but you can prevent unwanted communication.  

Questions?  If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this website, you can contact us at