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Lizzy '15
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Five Siblings
Aubry '21
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Through all my struggles, dance has always been where I come to—to show and express myself. My family has been having a hard time recently, with my dad being diagnosed with cancer and my grandmother passing away. 
Coming to The Wooden Floor has really helped me get through it. The teachers are amazing; I have been able to pour out everything to them. And through dance, I can let you know where I stand. With our body we can tell our story, we don’t have to say anything. The fact that people can pick up on our body language is amazing.
I am very involved in my community—at school, I’m in the Associated Student Body, the Mariachi band, the orchestra, the choir, plus I come to The Wooden Floor, and have a 4.0 GPA. Coming here helps me manage my time—we always know academics come first. Here, the staff is so motivated to get us to college—and I am excited to go, because at The Wooden Floor, they tell us that we have the most potential, that we are the next generation, that we are important. I can’t wait to take that next step.