The Wooden Floor’s goal of replicating its proven model is to help more under-served youth develop the tools and resources to be successful in school and life through the power dance and access to higher education.   In 2009, the concept of licensed partnership grew out of an ambitious strategic vision set by The Wooden Floor’s Board of Directors to grow local impact over the following 10 years.  The organization, which is still very actively engaged in plans to grow its local impact, has simultaneously been approached to explore avenues to impact young people, nationally. 

Unlike franchising or creating affiliates/chapters, The Wooden Floor will be providing each Licensed Partner with fee-based consulting, training and curriculum development.  The Wooden Floor’s copyrighted Theory of Change and programmatic elements will be implemented in their entirety by the Licensed Partner while also providing them with the flexibility to adapt the curriculum, in order to meet the needs of the community they serve. 


CityDance DREAM

Washington, DC

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