Did you know there are ways to create lasting impact for those students we serve today and for years to come?  Help us sustain our impact in the future, and create many more success stories through estate bequests and other planned gifts through The Wooden Floor Legacy Society.
The Wooden Floor Legacy Society is designed to recognize and continue to honor those who have made provisions for a future gift through a bequest, life insurance, annuity, trust agreement, or an outright gift to the organization or the Endowment Fund. Our students show their gratitude by becoming change agents in their families, our community, and ultimately, in the world that they will help shape and lead.  
"By including a gift in our estate plan, we acknowledge the importance of The Wooden Floor in our lives. We hope that a testamentary gift will help support the work of the Wooden Floor well into the future." - Cath MacIver and Jim Slaughter
If you have already arranged for a future gift, we would like to know about it. If not, we invite you to consider a bequest or other provision.  For more information about The Wooden Floor Legacy Society and how to make a long-term impact, please contact Tianna Haradon here or at 714.541.8314 ext.124.

The Wooden Floor Legacy Society Members                                                              
Corrine Bayley & Laurie Julian
Brenna & Keegan Bell
Laura Curran, in honor of Rita Curran
Sharon & Frank Govern
Patricia & Frank Hall
Sharon & Terry Hartshorn
Ginnie & Rich Hunsaker
Yvonne & Damien Jordan
Nancy & Edward Leonard
Cath MacIver & Jim Slaughter
Patrick O’Halloran
Dawn & Eric Reese
Drs. Donald & Constance Sperling
Caitlin & Ben Tusher
Socorro & Ernesto Vasquez
Gena & Richard Way
Barbara & Bill Yingling
Carole Zavala