Christiana '99

Esai '13

Lizzy '15
Boys from '15

Five Siblings
Aubry '21
Daniela '21


“There are 10 of us kids, and five of us are here at The Wooden Floor. I was the first one to join. I can’t imagine not having the feeling dance gives me. I’m a completely different person now. I used to not be confident, not express my ideas, and I had no opportunities. There is so much The Wooden Floor gives us, like resources - everything we need. I understand being at The Wooden Floor takes a lot of time and effort, but it is so worth it in the end. I hope my brother and sisters look up to me, and like me, see it all the way to college.” –Miriam, Class of 2016
“I joined The Wooden Floor because I wanted to be like my big sisters. I wanted to learn how to do really hard things. I wanted to be like they are when they are on stage.” –Rolando, Class of 2023
“All my family talks about is dance, every conversation. It has helped me be more myself. I’m not afraid to talk or share ideas in school anymore. It helps with stress and makes us feel better about ourselves. Without dance we wouldn’t be unique and we wouldn’t be doing so great at school.”  –Ruth, Class of 2019
“I used to have bad grades. The Wooden Floor changed how I act. The tutors here helped me with tips about math. Modern dance helped me too by being a respite, so everything can just flow. Dance teaches you to think about how other people feel.” –Elizabeth, Class of 2021
“The Wooden Floor has strengthened our connection as a family. We used to not connect. Now we come home, and we talk to our parents. We are more open. There is nothing like the feeling of us all dancing on the same stage. At Annual Concert, we come together before we perform, and after that, we all hug each other. My family are the first people I look for and go to hug. There is always a sibling watching me from the wings, so I know I’m a role model, and it makes me try harder.” –Sara, Class of 2017