Christiana '99

Esai '13

Lizzy '15
Boys from '15

Five Siblings
Aubry '21
Daniela '21


"My mom doesn't live here anymore, so my Dad and my older sister take care of me and my brother now. I miss my mom. Sometimes I feel like screaming, but instead I can just dance my feelings out. When I dance, I feel better. The staff listens to me when I'm having problems. When I don't understand my homework, I come here and meet with a tutor, and then I understand it better. 
My grades have really improved, just like my older sister Alejandra's did before she left The Wooden Floor for college. When Alejandra got to high school, my family didn't know anything about getting into college. 
The Wooden Floor helped her and now she's in her second year of college, and I know I will go to college just like her! I think my brother, Juan Carlos, who just started coming here, will go too."