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“I first returned to teach at The Wooden Floor in 2005. It was an honor to teach at a place that had accomplished so many wonderful things and affected so many lives. 
When I was a student here, the facility was a lot smaller, but I felt a lot of love. There were many role models for me. I thought I was going to a place to get dance lessons, but little did I know I would be getting life lessons as well. It was a positive place where I felt like I could be my true self without worrying about being judged. During my adolescent years, I had a place where I belonged.
It’s amazing to me how the art form of dance brings out so many good qualities in people. I truly believe being taught this art form has helped me in many areas of my life. It taught me creativity, discipline, self-awareness, teamwork, physical fitness, to be detail-oriented, to be daring, and to have fun—just to name a few things. Dance has done this for many of us! My goal in teaching at The Wooden Floor is to challenge the dancers to do their best. When I see them panting for breath and sweating it makes me happy because I know they are pushing themselves. I want them to feel cared for and challenged at the same time during my class. I remind them that I once was a student just like they are now. 
I love watching the dancers at The Wooden Floor grow. I look at the courage the youngest dancers have when trying new movements and how the older dancers appreciate the art form. I love asking the older students what they are up to, and I’m always impressed by their goals and dreams. I’m constantly inspired by the hearts and attitudes of these students. The students remind me to continue to dream and set goals.”
Christiana graduated from The Wooden Floor in 1999. After graduation, she received a full scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City. This fall, she will begin teaching ballet for the Orange County School of the Arts, and is also attending college with the goal of receiving a degree in kinesiology/dance. Christiana is a mom to a 6-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy.