Christiana '99

Esai '13

Lizzy '15
Boys from '15

Five Siblings
Aubry '21
Daniela '21


There’s a lot of trouble makers at my school, a lot of kids who don’t do what they are supposed to, and get mad at each other. I don’t like all the drama. Here, you dance with the other students, and then you talk to them, and everything is better. 
I’m in my own world when I’m dancing, a world where there are no problems. I feel more comfortable here at The Wooden Floor than anywhere else. Here, you are with family that you can dance with, and dancing is good for me, it helps me. 
My favorite part of The Wooden Floor is not only the dancing but also the staff, because they help you when you’re in trouble or when you’re having a bad time. The Wooden Floor helps out everybody. Whatever you need, they try to provide it for you.