Working with these young dancers' raw talent, openness, innocence, and energy demands that our established Artistic Partners approach their work in new ways. The results are layered, authentic performances that provoke and surprise.

"The students of The Wooden Floor are imaginative and bring their lives and experiences to the stage with a generosity and authenticity comparable to professional performers."- Choreographer, Mark Haim


Ivy Baldwin
Beth Burns
Luke Hegel-Cantarella
Yanira Castro
Seán Curran
Faye Driscoll
Jeanine Durning
Keely Garfield
Melanie Ríos Glaser
Mark Haim
John Heginbotham
James F. Ingalls
Laurel Jenkins
The Limón Dance Foundation
Donald McKayle
The Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation
Susan Rethorst
Sally Silvers
Karinne Keithley Syers
Alan Terricciano
Jennifer Vaughan
Scott Wells
Nami Yamamoto
Chris Yon
…and many others