Christiana '99

Esai '13

Lizzy '15
Boys from '15

Five Siblings
Aubry '21
Daniela '21


“The Wooden Floor is a safe zone to me, to all of us. We’re brothers. It has given us a leg up. We have been here nine years. The seven of us, we kept at it.” -Ismael
“The Wooden Floor means so much to us quite simply because we experienced our childhoods here. For one reason or another we didn’t have people or a place to connect with others, and we spent a lot of time here. We grew up here, together.” -Roland
“We were kept away from doing stupid things by being at The Wooden Floor. Kids our age ruin their lives, doing drugs and other different things. We were distracted from doing those things by being given other options.” -Carlos
“This is our second family. We all get along, and that’s not the case in school. With dance, we express ourselves through motion, not through words. Dance brings out deeper emotional connections. It has created a very strong, comfortable bond between us that we will always have.” -Dario
“We all want to achieve the same things here. We want to get good grades and go to college, and we all are.” -Jose 
"I’m the first in my family to go to college, and chances are low that I would even be going without the help of The Wooden Floor. It is rare what they give you here—to be in the spotlight is something you don’t get much of in life. Here you are noticed.” -Richard
“The Wooden Floor is a staircase to go to college. The entire place was a preparation so we could make it there. I want to be someone that can help a wide variety of people, who can make a difference in someone’s everyday life. It’s hard to see a family member sick. I want to be someone who can grow up and do something about it, reach for what’s impossible.”-Edgar